GINCE is the brainchild of model and multi-hyphenate Chelsey Noëll Weimar. Carefully carving out her niche over the past years, she now presents her first line of sunglasses. Handmade in Rome in a small, family-run factory that she closely collaborates with.   

Travelling the globe, Chelsey’s personal style crystallized quickly. A laidback luxury that works anywhere and easily carries from day into night. At times a bit boyish for comfort. Comfort is key for Chelsey: ‘It’s how I want to feel in my own skin, it’s how I want to make other people around me feel.’ In doing so and dressing, she found she always grabbed for a good pair of shades. It makes her feel confident and at ease. Not to mention, she finds the right eyewear can really finish a look.

GINCE is a project close to Chelsey’s heart. Therefore, the name is rather personal. GINCE is a playful amalgamation of her pet’s name and her own, Chelsey, rooted in Anglo-Saxon culture. For aesthetics the first six gince goods eyewear designs also draw on the ancient, an old-world glamour of sorts, mixed with a very fresh, modern feel.

Classic and cool, both feminine and masculine, smart yet always relaxed – it’s all there. Chelsey aimed to design a shade for the multi-dimensional person she herself is and for the many different people around her. There’s a wide range of unisex styles: from cat eye to petite and rounded, flattering to any face shape. Crafted from bio-acetate in earthy tones. All featuring a subtle touch of gold and clear, non-polarized lenses for a contrast to the overall look. Effortlessly chic with a twist.

Eyewear is only the first offering of gince goods. Stay tuned.